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UX & UI Design

I love interviewing stakeholders, analysing data and using best practices.
I create prototypes quickly with Axure RP, that users can test, saving valuable development time. And presenting results and designing sleek UI's comes natural to me thanks to my years in desktop publishing and infographics.

RTVE (Spanish Radio & Television)

RTVE (Spanish Radio & Television) On Demand

Challenge: Modernise and improve the user experience of the current website.

Process: Analysis of content structure, benchmarking of other on demand sites, definition of main personas (preadolescents to 50-year olds who use web technologies on a regular basis), hand-drawn prototypes, quick usability testing and design of user interface.

Solution: An updated and intuitive UI where content is organised by Television, Radio and Live programming. Clutter is removed and content is given more priority, as opposed to channels. Research showed that most users search by programming rather than by channel (on the RTVE network).

RTVE On Demand UI

Click anywhere on the image to show "filter by channel".

Olympic Channel Services UI

Responsive website for subsidiary of the International Olympic Committee

Site diagram, wireframes, user interface with consistent organisational branding, front-end implementation (HTML, CSS, basic jQuery + PHP) and testing on different devices.

Desktop Screenshot Mobile Screenshot Live Website

The live website was migrated to a CMS and modified by the company.

User Research

User Research

Objective: Identify and resolve potential problems, gain insights and improve the overall user experience. Methods: Personas based on informal interviews, benchmarking, use of published usability best practices, Nielsen heuristics and remote usability testing: tasks and prototyping and Likert scale survey.

User Research Take the Usability Test Prototype Tested

Low-fidelity responsive prototype created using Axure RP.

Axure responsive website prototype

Exercise to demonstrate Axure RP features

Prototype created with Axure RP using masters, repeaters with individual URLs (side nav links and body content), dynamic panels (share links), adaptive views and basic variables.

Side menu is present on large screens and hides on tablet and smaller devices. Click on the hamburger menu in mobile and tablet view (resize browser window to see or view on different screen sizes).

Axure RP demo
Mobile wireframe task flow

Mobile e-commerce wireframe task flow

Wireframe task flow demonstrating a mobile shopping process where users are encouraged to share on social media their experience.

Mobile wireframe task flow

Web Promos

I got my start in online marketing many years ago doing landing pages, promotional websites, newsletters and banners. The examples below show recent work with a CMS and a hand-coded responsive e-mail.

Hard Rock Hotel: Exclusive Rooms

Hard Rock Hotel:
Exclusive Rooms

Slide, key messaging in English and Spanish, photo retouching and website publishing with proprietary CMS.

Promo Screenshot
Metro Europa

Responsive e-mail design, HTML and CSS

Design and draft content proposal in Spanish for new residential area development. Emphasis on rich visuals, light text and clear call to action buttons.

Responsive E-mail
Palladium Hotel Group: Black Friday

Palladium Hotel Group: Black Friday

Promo direct messaging and design depicting both days of the sale event for website properties (home slides, landings, offers) and Facebook.

Promo Screenshot

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